Scented Coconut Candle


Our eco-friendly and vegan Scented Coconut Candles are all handmade with love. They are made of soywax with a crackling wooden wick which makes them burn slow and smell lovely.
All Coconut Candles are scented with organic coconut essential oil and are perfect for candle lovers and romantic moments.
Choose between Natural or Smooth (polished) Coconut Candle.

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These candles will fill your home with tropical vibes and let you forget the daily hassle. Also there are so many reasons to prefer soy wax candles. They are eco-friendly and vegan manufactured, biodegradable, contain no petroleum, release no harmful substances, burn longer and simply smell good.
Burning time: ≈ 50 hours
This product includes:
1 Scented Coconut Candle (coconut scent)
Please note:
When burning off for the first time, please allow to burn until the entire surface is liquid. This avoids the formation of tunnels.
Additional Information

Article number      0060
Diameter               12-14 cm
Volume                  600-800 ml
Depth                     6-7 cm



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EU: (except overseas territories):

7,50 € I 2-7 Business Days

Rest of the world:

15,95 € (17,40 $) I 10-15 Business Days

Safety Instructions
  •  Never leave burning candle unattended
  •  Keep out of reach of children and pets
  •  Do not burn near flammable objects
  •  Do not put candles in a draft
  •  Do not burn candles near any heat sources
  •  Install candles vertically
  •  Trim wick to 1cm before lighting the candle
  •  Do not move burning candles
  •  Drown or choke the flame – don’t blow out
  •  Use suitable container for themselves liquifying candles
  •  Use candleholder
  •  Never use a fluid for extinction
  •  Keep melted wax free from contaminants
  •  Shorten the wax border to 1 cm
  • eco friendly
  • organic
  • handmade
  • made from real coconuts
  • vegan
  • biodegradable
  • burns longer
  • re-usable
  • unique
  • perfect as a gift