Every year billions of coconuts are used to process coconut meat, coconut water or coconut oil. The remaining coconut shells are thrown away and then burned.


This has a significant impact on our environment and climate change, as the combustion of coconut shells contributes significantly to increasing CO2 & methane emissions.


The burning of coconut shells is also a waste of valuable raw materials. However, we can actively counteract this. Instead of contributing to the deforestation when buying wooden bowls or damaging the environment and our beautiful nature by using plastic bowls, we can use upcycled, beautiful coconut bowls.

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Therefore we have made it our mission to work against the burning of these coconut shells and  import them from the Coconut Homeland Bến Tre directly from Vietnam. Here the coconut shells are carefully sanded, cleaned and oiled with coconut oil so that you can eat out of them.


Our coconut bowls are food safe, reusable and, with the right care, will last a lifetime.


To make your Coconut Bowl as durable as possible, oil it with coconut oil every 2-3 weeks. Note that the oiling makes your bowl darker, this is especially the case with our Natural Coconut Bowl. We also recommend that you always wash the Coconut Bowl by hand and do not put it in the dishwasher. In addition, you should not expose them to higher temperatures such as the microwave or the oven to avoid possible cracks or burns.


With the purchase of this coconut bowl you actively contribute to environmental protection and we thank you for that!


Lots of love & gratitude,

Balu Bowls