Palm Wood Bowl


The handmade Palm Wood Bowls are made from coconut palms and refined with organic coconut oil. The precious coconut wood is unique in its colours and patterns and does not taste like “wood” like other types of wood, but is tasteless. Since only wood from very old palms (50-70 years) is used, which would actually be burned, coconut wood is very sustainable.



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The wood of the coconut palm is a sustainable alternative to other types of wood, because only dead wood from palms that no longer carry coconuts is used for its production. This creates space for new palm trees, where fresh coconuts can be produced again. Another advantage of coconut palm wood is that it is very stable – comparable to the hardness of mahogany wood.
In addition, your coconut wood kitchen utensils are perfect for cooking delicious dishes and bring tropical flair into your home!


This product includes: 1 Palm Wood Bowl

Additional Information

Article number     3010
Diameter               16 cm (Small) / 720cm (Large)
Depth                   6 cm (Small) / 6,8 cm (Large)



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  • eco friendly
  • organic
  • handmade
  • made from coconut wood
  • vegan
  • easy to clean
  • food safe
  • re-usable
  • unique
  • perfect as a gift