Natural Coconut Family


Set of 4 – Our Natural Bowl is not only suitable for eating from it but also can be perfectly used as a decoration item, whether in the house or in the garden. You can use the Natural Bowl as a flowerpot for cacti or succulents. There are no limits to your creativity. You can also use this coconut bowl as Hanging Plant Bowl.


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Our coconut bowls are a must-have for your eco-friendly kitchen. They are handcrafted from real coconuts by local artisans with absolutely no chemicals. They are cut , cleaned and sanded before so that you can eat from them. Since coconut bowls are natural products, each bowl is unique by nature with its own color, shape and size.


Choose between:

4 Natural Coconut Bowls


4 Natural Coconut Bowls  and

4 Coconut spoons

Additional Information

Article number      0420 (Single)  |  0424 (Set)
Diameter               12-15 cm
Volume                  500-700 ml
Depth                     6-7 cm



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EU: (except overseas territories):

7,50 € I 2-7 Business Days

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  • eco friendly
  • organic
  • handmade
  • made from real coconuts
  • vegan
  • easy to clean
  • food safe
  • re-usable
  • unique
  • perfect as a gift