What are the Coconut Bowls from Balu Bowls made of?

They are made from real coconuts which grow on palm trees in Vietnam.

How and where do you produce the coconut bowls?

We are working closely with artisans from Bến Tre in Vietnam. Each coconut is cut, cleaned and finished by them.

My coconut bowls have arrived and they do not look like the pictures on your homepage?

Because our coconut bowls are 100% natural, you will receive a unique coconut bowl. Each bowl is different in its own imperfections, markings, shape and size.

How much volume can fit in a bowl?

Each bowl is unique in its size and shape,  but approximately 500-700 ml will fit in an average original coconut bowl.

Our Jumbo coconut bowls do have a volume of 750-1000 ml.

What are the measurements of a bowl?

Our original coconut bowls have a diameter of 12-15 cm, a volume of 500-700 ml and a depth of 6-7cm.

The Jumbo and Jumbo design bowls have a diameter of 14-16 cm, a volume of 750-1000 ml and a depth of 7-8 cm.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do offer wholesale. For more information or a wholesale order please contact us via email . 


All orders will be shipped out on the next business day.

We ship all orders climate-neutral with DHL Go Green. 

Germany Shipping:

We offer free shipping within Germany!

EU Shipping:

Our standard shipping within EU is 7,50 €*. The delivery is 2-7 business days (depending on country)

Free shipping on all orders over 75 €.

Worldwide Shipping

Standard shipping worldwide is 15,95 €. The delivery is 10-15 business days (depending on country)

Free shipping on all orders over 75 €.

Orders placed in a non-EU country may incur additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties). These are not paid by us or invoiced by us, but must be paid by the customer directly to the responsible customs or tax authorities. Further information can be obtained from the responsible authorities.

Do you provide a tracking number?

All orders are shipped with full door-to-door tracking (except single spoon orders).*

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

 Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. Please check our shipping costs calculator for the shipping costs to your country.

I haven’t received my Coconut Bowls order, what should I do?

Please check the tracking link that you should have received via email. Please contact us only when the shipment has been in transit for more than 7 business days (EU) / more than 15 business days (rest of the world). If your order has not arrived within 7 business days (EU) / within 15 business days (rest of the world) please email us at and we will give you an update concerning your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, creditcard (VISA and MasterCard) and Bitcoin (For payment via Bitcoin please contact us before placing the order at


I have received my Coconut Bowls and they are cracked or damaged, what should I do?

 We do our best to ensure that your ordered products reach you safely and securely. That’s why we pack the bowls with wood wool. If the products do arrive damaged, please send us an email* within 14 days to and we will refund you the damaged products.

*Please provide us a photo with the damaged product (the exact area) and the package. 

A product was damaged during use or cleaning, what can I do?

Although we always do our best to only send out products of highest quality, the lifetime of products made by nature is not predictable. 

Can I return my purchased items?

If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us at so that we can find a solution that is appropriate for both sides. 

Care Instructions for your Coconut Bowls

How should I clean my Coconut Bowl?

Hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not use in the dishwasher or soak for a long period of time. 

Can I put my Coconut Bowl in the microwave, oven or refrigerator?

No. Please do not use your bowls in the microwave, oven or refrigerator. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures. 


Polish your bowl with virgin coconut oil (feel free to use any other oil you have at home) every 10-20 uses (or as often as you like) to restore the smooth and shiny surface.
Please note that the natural bowl can turn very dark after rubbing it with oil.